Sheep Cupcakes


My daughter had a “farm on wheels” visit her pre-school on Friday and I was asked to bring a plate of sweet things for morning tea.  Of course – the challenge was on…. How could I make something cool for the kids in theme with the farmyard morning?

The answer was these adorable sheep cupcakes.

So simple to make – I just iced chocolate cupcakes with vanilla buttercream frosting and decorated with black fondant heads, shop-bought candy eyes and covered the frosting in white and brown mini marshmallows for the fleece.

The children literally swarmed around them as soon as they were put on the table and I watched as 20+ children all enjoyed eating their cupcakes at the same time.

I can testify first-hand that these are an amazing hit with kids!


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  1. How cute are these?!?!


    1. Thanks for being the first comment on my blog. I love receiving good feedback.


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