Yoghurt – Cold & On the Run

My daughter came home recently saying “Mum – can I have a special yoghurt container like Henry’s (friend at pre-school)”.  This sent me off on a mission to find out what she meant and where I might be able to get one.  First I asked her teachers what Henry’s yoghurt container was and after being given a general description, I then had to find out who makes it and where it can be bought. I eventually found it and this is what it looks like….


Now – it’s not often that I fall in love with a new product – but this one is sooooo cool!  It’s by Nude Food Movers and in Australia, I tracked it down at OfficeWorks.

If you live in a hot climate and you want your child to eat yoghurt of the non-commercial (non sugary) kind in their school lunches – then this is perfect.  It has an insertable coloured ‘freeze-gel’ wall that fits into the outside plastic container.  The yoghurt goes inside the freeze gel compartment, which keeps it cold for hours.  It even has a little built-in spoon and when you don’t want to use it as a yoghurt pot, you can also just use the plastic container for snacks without the freeze-gel wall.

Neat, nifty and nice!!!  My daughter is very happy with her pink version of this product.


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